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Birthworker support that matches their BIGG Energy

Birthworkers Innovation

& Growth Gateway

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BIGG (Birthworkers Innovation & Growth Gateway) was launched by a Birthworker in the community to support other Birthworkers by providing:

  • State of Michigan Doula Registry Support
  • Insurance Credentialing
  • Billing & Claims submission
  • Advocacy
  • Social & Emotional Support

A BIGG Origin Story

My name is Yves and I am an RN, Birthworker, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive, Perinatal Health Advocate, and Birth Justice Warrior. I believe that every birthing person is entitled to a joyful birthing experience; therefore, I established Crimson Dahlia in January 2023 to provide support, advocacy, and wellness to BIPOC birthing persons and their families; and to cultivate safe spaces for healing, growth, transformation, and authenticity

birthworkers are some of the most passionate and purpose-driven people I know. as such, they are booked and busy. They are also subject to burnout and need support in order to continue their passion of pouring into their clients. they are an invaluable resource to birthing persons, their families, and maternal-child healthcare clinicians. They need advocacy to ensure they are able to serve as many birthing families who need their services; they need support in navigating complex credentialing and reimbursement systems; They also need a safe place to land for the times when this work gets overwhelming. my love of the birthworker community and administrative know-how allows me to hold space for both them and the population in which we serve.

Birthworkers bring BIG energy to all they do

The Birthworkers Innovation & Growth Gateway (BIGG) was named in honor of my brother, David, who made his transition on June 26, 2022. He lived by the motto, "Ride BIGG" and had immense love for his family, his harley, and entrepreneurship. Birthworkers bring Big energy and passion to this work, BIGG was created to support birthworkers and match their "BIGG" energy!

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Fiscal Support

Advocacy & Community Social & Emotional support

Providing Community based, accountable support by a birthworker, for other birthworkers